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Our Story

In 2003, Mark Baird was about to leave the CPA firm when he received a call. His soon-to-be boss asked if she could hire him to protect her from liability. They formed a strategic partnership that both enjoyed. His help was so valuable to her, in fact, that his reputation spread. By popular demand, he was soon helping lots of clients under his own company brand.

Mark’s “superpower” is his outstanding researching skills and dedication. It’s not just about the books for Mark. He is motivated by his personal relationships with his clients to research tax regulations, loopholes, and ways to save money. Recently he researched a tax question about mileage that saved money for the client for whom he was doing research. But he didn’t stop there. He reached out to other clients whom he knew would benefit from the information he learned about mileage – and saved these clients money, too!

His motto, “If I can’t help you, I know someone who can,” has built Mark a network of raving fans and clients.

Initially Mark devoted most of this time to preparing a report for the Federal government which is similar to a tax return but for Medicare. His work has evolved into GRS Accounting Solutions where Mark assists small corporations and individuals with their taxes.

If you’d like to have Mark bring his research and accounting skills to work for you, please call him at (804) 387-5649 or email him at and schedule a time to meet! You’ll be glad you did.